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Compare WineLife, Wine Keepers, and Wine Bottle Vacuum Pumps

Compare WineLife with other Wine Keepers and Wine Bottle Vacuum Pumps

Winelife is proven to be effective in preserving the taste and preventing oxidation in open bottles of wine and is very convenient to use. Other methods of wine preservation have various levels of effectiveness, as well as differences in ease-of-use and cost. One popular gadget is the wine bottle vacuum pump such as the type represented by Vacu Vin wine saver vacuum pump, which uses a vacuum pump stopper to try to create a vacuum in the bottle. Another method is an elaborate wine preservation system such as the many different devices offered by Winekeeper®, which typically involve a cabinet, a nitrogen tank, as wine bottle stopper and plastic tubing.

The following chart compares Winelife against wine vacuum pumps and wine keeper systems:



Wine Vacuum Pumps

Wine Keeper Systems


Tested, proven effective

Not documented


Number of bottles

Any number of bottles simultaneously

One pump required for each bottle

The number of bottles  is limited by the cabinet or number of stoppers/faucets


Approximately 120 applications

Until it wears out

Requires replacement canisters


Pennies per use

Initial cost of pump

Expensive, plus refills

Ease of Use

A 2-second spray and replace stopper or cork

Insert vacuum pump, manually pumping required

Setup of system is complicated, easy to operate after installation is done

Space needed



Determined by size of cabinet or system

Where to Use Winelife for Wine Preservation
Winelife can be used:

Buy Winelife now!
Use Winelife, the wine saver that is tested by an independent wine laboratory and proven to reduce the effects of oxidation. Other wine preservation systems, wine keepers and wine savers have disadvantages that make Winelife the best choice for most uses. You can buy Winelife right now using our secure online ordering system.

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