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Wine Preservation Systems for Tasting Rooms by Winelife

Wine Preservation Systems for Tasting Rooms

Winelife is a simple, convenient, and inexpensive wine preservation system perfect for use in wine tasting rooms, wine tasting events and festivals. Winelife wine preservation system allows partial bottles of fine wine to be kept fresh for weeks.

Wine tastings continue to increase in popularity as wine enthusiasts seek to sample, compare and study different vintages, varietals, and offerings from vineyards. For the host of the wine tasting there is always the problem of what to do with the remaining open bottles of wine. Use Winelife in your tasting rooms and have confidence that the saved partial bottle of wine will taste as good as it did when first opened. With Winelife there is no need to throw away partial bottles of wine at the end of the day; just a 2-second application of Winelife wine preservation system keeps the partial bottles fresh for the next day’s pouring.

Benefits of Using Winelife Wine Preservation System in Tasting Rooms and at Wine Tasting Festivals and Events
  • A wine preservation system that is proven and tested by an independent laboratory.. 
  • Expand the number of wines offered without worrying open how to preserve open bottles.
  • No need for expensive gadgets, cabinets, dispensers, nozzles, tanks, and tubing.
  • For just a few pennies per application, your tasting room can have fresh wine throughout the life of the bottle of fine wine.
  • Never sacrifice the taste of your fine wines.
  • Your investment in an open bottle of wine is protected for weeks, with the last pouring as fresh as the first.
  • Can be used to preserve all fine quality spirits, including red, white, port and sherry.
  • Each can of Winelife contains about 120 applications.
Using Winelife Wine Preservation System in Winery Tasting Rooms
The wine tasting rooms of wineries all over the world are hugely popular with wine aficionados as well as casual wine drinkers. Tours of wineries usually end with a visit to the wine tasting room. Or maybe there’s simply the tasting room for wine lovers to sample the winery’s offerings. Some wineries have weekend tastings only, while others have wine tasting everyday. For wineries, presentation of their brand goes along with the enjoyment of the wine itself to promote sales.

In any of these cases, the simplicity and ease of using Winelife to preserve open bottles of wine is welcomed. A single 2-second spray into an open bottle, followed by re-corking, preserves the freshness of the wine and keeps oxidation from degrading the wine. For example, if a good customer comes to your winery, you may wish to offer a taste of a special vintage or variety that you have been saving. After a few tastes, you can use the simple Winelife wine preservation system, saving the rest of the bottle for the your next good customer (and you!) to enjoy.

And all that is needed is a can of Winelife – no expensive cabinets that hide your labels, no complicated gadgets, dispensers, nozzles, tanks, and tubing.

Will Winelife wine preserver affect the taste of wine?
No, Winelife is completely inert, odorless and tasteless. Because Winelife is heavier than air, it forms a protective layer or gas blanket on the top surface of the remaining wine that keeps the wine fresh.

How does a Wine Tasting Room use Winelife wine preserver?
A simple two-second spray of Winelife wine keeper spray into an opened bottle, followed by re-corking, is all that is needed to use Winelife. Anyone can do it quickly and easily. For a short photo sequence to illustrate how to use Winelife, click here to for the How to Use Winelife page.

How much does Winelife cost per application?
You can have fresh wine throughout the life of a bottle of fine wine for just a few cents per application. A single can of Winelife contains about 120 applications.

Buy Winelife now!
Use Winelife, the wine preserver that is tested by an independent wine laboratory and proven to reduce the effects of oxidation. Avoid wine spoilage and wine deterioration with this proven method for preserving fine wine in your home, in restaurants and tasting rooms. You can buy Winelife right now using our secure online ordering system.

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