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Winelife  the wine saver that is great for home use.

Winelife the Wine Saver that Really Works!

Winelife is the wine saver and wine preserver that really does the job of saving your open bottle of wine from oxidation and flavor loss. A simple two-second application followed by re-corking your wine bottle does it. Open your wine a few days later and it will taste just a good as when you first opened it! Winelife will preserve the taste, color and bouquet of your favorite premium wine. Winelife insures the last glass is as good as the first.

Winelife is Tested and Proven Effective
Winelife wine preserver has been tested and proven to be effective in the reduction of wine oxidation spoilage by ETS Laboratories, a noted Napa, California enological testing laboratory. Testing showed that no significant differences were observed between freshly opened wine and wine in bottles that were opened, then treated with Winelife and held for 10 days! Winelife is the proven wine saver.

What about Wine Vacuum Pumps?
Winelife wine saver is more effective than other wine savers like wine bottle vacuum pumps based on wine preservation effectiveness, ease of use, and cost. See our wine saver comparison chart for details.
What Wines?
Winelife can be used to preserve all fine quality spirits, including red, white, port and sherry.

How do I Use Winelife for Saving Wines?
For detailed instructions and illustrations, please take a look at the page on how to use Winelife wine saver.  But the short answer is to do a short spray of Winelife into the open bottle of wine, re-cork, and refrigerate until you are ready to drink more of the wine.

The Can of Winelife Wine Saver feels empty?
Yes, your new can of Winelife will feel almost empty, as the inert gases in Winelife do not have very much weight. Rest assured that your can will last about 120 applications. You will know when it is empty when the wine saving gas no longer sprays out.

Buy Winelife now!
Use Winelife, the wine saver that is tested by an independent wine laboratory and proven to reduce the effects of oxidation. Other wine savers have many disadvantages, while Winelife is effective, convenient, and economical. You can buy Winelife right now using our secure online ordering system.