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Step 1
Step 1 of Saving Wine with Winelife – a 2 second spray.

Step 2
Step 2 of Wine Saving with Winelife – re-corking the bottle.

Step 3
Step 3 of Saving Wine with Winelife – storing the unfinished bottle of wine.

Saving Wine – How to Use Winelife to Save Wine in Unfinished Bottles

Winelife is proven to be effective in saving wine in open or unfinished bottles. Winelife saves your wine’s taste and prevents oxidation in open bottles of wine. And even better, it is very easy to use and very convenient.

As you can see from the pictures, using Winelife is a straightforward process to save the wine in the opened bottle.

Step 1:
Insert the Winelife extension nozzle into the neck of the bottle and spray for 2 seconds.

Step 2:
Immediately re-cork the bottle with the original cork or a simple replacement stopper.

Step 3:
Store all wines in an upright position.

For home use, simply apply Winelife as shown above to save the wine in your open, unfinished bottle.

In restaurant use, opened bottles of wine must be sprayed with Winelife at the end of each day of use. For more expensive wines, we suggest that you use Winelife after each serving to extend the shelf life.

Other methods of saving wine, such as wine vacuum pumps and stoppers, cannot match Winelife for the combination of effectiveness and economical use. See our Compare Wine Keepers and Wine Bottle Vacuum Pumps with Winelife page for details. Independent lab tests have verified that Winelife does prevent oxidation and spoilage of wine - see our Technical Info page for details.  Other devices have yet to be tested or simply do not prevent oxidation when tested by noted laboratories.

Where to Use Winelife for Saving Wine
Winelife can be used:

Buy Winelife now!
Use Winelife for saving your unfinished bottles of wine – it’s has been tested by an independent wine laboratory and proven to reduce the effects of oxidation. Winelife is your best choice for wine saving!  You can buy Winelife right now using our secure online ordering system.

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